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General Information

This model is designed for the bench rest shooter looking for the ultimate in accuracy in a single shot rifle.  The buttstock is designed with a high, straight comb and bottom line parallel to the bore so it has minimal vertical movement upon recoil.  The forearm is just under 3" wide and flat on the bottom to give you a good fit with most rests.  Standard barrels are any weight up to #5 part octagon or #6 round (1.25" diameter) up to 28" long.  This rifle can be chambered in any rimmed caliber for which we have a reamer, though we most commonly design these rifles to use breech seated bullets.  The Stevens action can be used to breech seat suitable bullets with a plugged case and does not require a mechanical breech seater. The action can easily be taken down for carrying or barrel switching. Only an allen wrench is required. Other barrels can be supplied, and rimfire/centerfire breechblocks are available.

Common calibers include: .22 Long Rifle, .25-20 Single Shot, .25 WCF, .25-21, 28-30 Stevens, .30 WCF, .32-20 Winchester, .32-20 CPA (similar to the traditional .32-20 but with a .321" diameter barrel, .32 Miller Short, .32-40, .33-40, .38-55, and others.


Generally, Douglas XX barrels are used, but Shilen lapped and air gaged barrels are available at a premium for .22, .25 and .32 only. Badger barrels are available for most common calibers. Douglas barrels are normally 28" long and Shilen up to 29" only. At extra cost, Douglas barrels are available up to 34" long. Barrel sizes available are #2 (1.00), #2 1/2 (1.03"), #3 (1 1/16"), #4 (1 1/8"), and #5 (1 3/16") in part octagon. There is an extra charge for full octagon barrels, just as there was in 1902. Barrels are low luster blued, and have polished muzzles to show grease distribution. All barrels come drilled and tapped for scope bases upon request.  A front sight slot can be provided at no extra charge for 3/8" sights. Front sights supplied by us can be fitted at no extra charge; there is a nominal charge for fitting customer sights.


The bench rest stock pictured above is the best design for bench rest shooting, but the style is less than elegant.  You can achieve good results substituting a sporting or Model 52 buttstock and keeping the wide forearm to give you stability in the rest.  You can also request an additional schnabel-style forearm for offhand or casual shooting/display.  Bench rest stocks have a standard pull of 13 3/4". At no charge, this length of pull can be altered 3/4" shorter or longer. Any LOP can be supplied on a custom basis. Wood used on these stocks is always figured walnut. More highly figured wood is available at additional cost, but the standard grade is pleasing to most shooters.